The Brookville Business District (BBD) in Lyttonsville is home to a wide range of professional, technical and household services, and plays an important support role serving down county residents and businesses. Conveniently located inside the Beltway with easy access to Georgia Avenue and East West Highway, the BBD provides excellent opportunities for start-up and growing businesses in Montgomery County.

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A.B.E. Networks

8968 Brookville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Providing custom audio/video entertainment systems,

home automation and security system since 1989

Cardinal Sound & Communications

2219 Kansas Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Design, Sales, Installation & Service Audio & Video

ESP Entertainment Sound Production

2311 Kansas Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Entertainment Sound Production

Mr. Video, Inc.

2333 Distribution Circle, Silver Spring, MD 20910


Video conversion and editing,

film transfer and audio services

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